The Real People Theatre is a women's theatre company whose first production, Immediate Family, by Terry Baum, toured Yorkshire in 2000.

Cast collaborations, The Extraordinary Lives of Ordinary Women and Women on the Spot, were presented for York International Women’s Week in March 2001 and toured in 2002.

In 2003 we created Turning Points, a Forum Theatre production available to groups & organisations across Yorkshire who wanted to look at issues through interactive theatre.

In 2004-05 we presented a one-act play, Holding the Granny, by Deborah Catesby, which looked at life in a family from the point of view of three generations of women...and a quirky cat!

A Question of Power was the title of a 3-year series of productions starting in 2006 in collaboration with women from different cultures and organisations. The aim was to explore the nature of power, both personal and global, through the eyes of women for 3 consecutive York International Women's Week celebrations.

Sunny Side Up was our theme for 2009 and women gathered to explore the humourous side of life through drama, poetry, song and music.

In 2010 a Poetry Workshop successfully offered presentational skills to women participants.

2011 Encounters explored issues through Forum Theatre and the scenario entitled Care Home Concerns is still available for audience interaction on themes of LGBT invisibility, the treatment of care home residents, ignoring dietary preferences, religious taboos, and the question of dignity in dying.

2012 saw the launch of Paper Bag People. The life story of a 75 year old lesbian in a care home continues to be in demand as a springboard for raising lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender awareness.

2013 saw the creation of Dementia & Me which continues to enable care homes, conferences, workshops, staff and volunteers from many different organisations to share thoughts and feelings and ways to cope positively with dementia. At a cost of £75 + expenses, you too may be interested in booking this presentation.

In 2014 the cast wrote and performed 5 scenes showing how society has viewed lesbian relationships from the 19th to the 21st century starting with Anne Lister's Ladies and we went on to perform at Anne's home, Shibden Hall near Halifax, to a packed audience.

2015 brought an exploration into death and dying with Exit - drama, poetry, images, music and song and plenty of audience interaction enabled lively discussion and a chance to grasp the nettle and re-consider death as part of life and something we will all have to come to terms with.

2016 This Changed My Life involved 8 women with life experiences to share - a child finally managing to pass the 11+ Exam on the third attempt, a young woman's eating challenges, a mother's death, metamorphosis from housewife to landlady, getting a job despite mental health issues, living with dementia, surviving cancer, and walking on fire. Plenty of audience sharing.

2017 Animals & Us shared personal experiences with animals (the love and the loss) and how they help the human race. We also explored global issues such as the meat and dairy industry (a chance for the audience to debate pros and cons of mega farms on stage), as well as animal involvement in politics, sport, entertainment, plastic oceans, religion and culture - not forgetting the vital importance of bees (Bee Movie - a must-see!).

2018 No Kidding? focuses on the issues of ageing without children which is caused by choice, circumstance, infertility, bereavement, estrangement or distance. The associated loneliness and isolation affects millions of people in our ageing population and you can find an overview at the national AWOC organisation at www.awwoc.org. To raise awareness of the issues, we use a selection of the 10 scenarios from our Real People Theatre show as a springboard for discussion and oganisations around the country have welcomed our visits.

2019 Resilience is something we could all do with more of in these changing times. Ten women shared stories ranging from experiences in WWII to indigenous women artists in Canada, and marriage breakdown to inheriting the settler DNA of ancestors.

This was the 20th annual production directed by the Real People Theatre Artistic Director, Sue Lister. The door is now open for other women directors to work with Sue as Producer and bring their own shows to the Real People Theatre stage.

Phone Sue on 01904 488870 to discuss ideas.


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