For the full YIWW programme:

York International
Women's Week 2023
Sat. 4th March (women online)

Hosted by Sue Lister
for Real People Theatre and
Wed. 8th March for AWOC York
(in person & online, 2-4pm,
at SPARK York, YO1 9PB)

In a safe space, share memories, stories, poems, music, artwork. Show treasured items reminding you of home, or photos of people/pets/places, or songs, sounds, scents. Home in childhood, at work, in retirement -
what does 'home' mean to you?

Contact Sue for the link and to let her know you are coming:
01904 488870


York International Women's Week 2022
Sat. 12 & 19 March (online)

A workshop exploration through the 4 elements of air (sanguine), water (melancholic), fire (choleric) and earth (phlegmatic). We created and shared short, pithy pungent poems, peaceful and passionate - a way to express how we felt about these uncertain times.

Recording available by browsing: ListerInteractions
Extra haiku by:
Paula Staves, Pauline Kirk, Sue Lister, Tanya Parker, Sarah Wood


A Real People Theatre online workshop
York International Women's Week 2021

Saturday 13 March 2-3.15pm

Covid - a time for looking back and finding items that make us who we are. "My mum knitted this jumper for me 50 years ago." "This is a photo of our civil partnership ceremony." "We once had a West Highland terrier." Find 2 or 3 items and revive their stories. You may find something that points to the future. Stories linking past, present and future - join us for the telling.

Recording available by browsing - ListerInteractions jigsaw

York International Women's Week 2020
Sunday 8 March at Spark York

Life is one long improvisation - you never know what is going to happen next, you just have to deal with it. Build confidence and creativity with a fun drama workshop with Sue Lister. Enjoy a safe and supportive atmosphere where there is no right or wrong and all contributions are respected. All welcome from young adults to centenarians!
Phone Sue to have a chat - 01904 488870.

Phone Sue on 01904 488870 for further information.

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